Yam Mesicka

Developer & Security Researcher

Yam's Résumé


  • Full Stack Web Development

    • Complete development of back-end and front-end web applications.
    • Integrating with existing code and building plugins and modifications.
    • Familiar with all stages of development and design process.
  • Computer Programming and Security Educator

    • Training strategies expertise.
    • Curriculum and training materials development.
    • Effective lecturing in classes.
  • Web Security

    • Blackbox and whitebox penetration testing.
    • Common web application vulnerabilities.
    • Vulnerability pentesting tools.
    • Building CTF challenges.


  • Military Service in Unit 8200 / 2011-2015

    • Initiation and development of projects / 2013-2015

      • Developed web challenges for self-learners.
      • Cultivated professionalism by creating courses and conferences.
      • Designed training courses and education materials to increase the coders proficiency within an organization.
      • Automated bureaucratic processes and intelligence procedures using programming.
    • Educational systems developer / 2013-2015

      • Ongoing development and maintenance of eLearning web applications.
      • Assembled and led more than 15 programming and security courses.
      • Served as advisor to instructors and educators in didactics of computer programming and security.
    • Security researcher / 2011-2013

  • Past Experience / 2009-2011

    • Security blogger - created and managed Mesicka.com, that simplifies security terms for the common reader.
    • Extensive activity in security communities (IRC, online forums, meetups, etc.)


  • Programming Languages: Expert in Python.
  • Web Applications: Apache, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript & JQuery, PHP.
  • Operating Systems: Linux and Windows.